My photography studio offers a wide variety of photographic services. The services include, but are not limited to:
  • portraits
  • architectural photography
  • high fashion
  • photojournalistic assignments
  • commercial travel photography
  • confidential glamour

I happy to work on either an hourly rate or fixed job cost.
Beyond taking the photos, photo-editing has become an essential part of the photographer's role.
It's not always possible to judge the amount of time editing will take, so please keep these costs in mind when budgeting your photoshoot with any photographer.
I can print photos at cost, although I am just as happy to provide you with full resolution images on a CD and refer to you to "near cost" printers.

I am always looking to add diversity to my portfolio, and I dedicate some of my time to TFP work (time for prints/CD). If you are a new model needing a portfolio, a family wanting some shots done but due to hardship can't afford it, or you just love being in front of the camera and like my work, email me and I'll see if we can make magic happen :)


I shoot with a professional Nikon camera, and have my own Epson 9800 for large scale printing jobs.
While us photographers get attached to our brands and equipment, I am just at home shooting with my iPhone, or even a disposable 35mm film camera.