~ Magic of Life Tour ~ 2008-2010 ~

In August of 2008, I started a project to meet and photograph friends that I had met on Facebook, and in particular a social networking game called Friends For Sale.

This has now become a world wide project and I hope to cover as many countries, cities and friends as I can.
To date I have currently met over 20 friends from the USA, Europe and Asia. 
Over the next year, I hope to double that number as I travel back to the USA and Europe and then onto Canada, South America, Africa and ending in Europe in the Summer of 2010.

In most cases, I met these people for the first time before the photoshoot. It has been my focus to capture a side of them that pehaps that they don't reveal online.
There are many hours of work that lie behind such a huge body of work, and I can't thank the people included here enough for embracing my passion and allowing me to capture and embody their magic in this portfolio.

During my Summer 2009 trip I spent some time discussing photography with Brice Hardelin. Stay tuned for the article.

~ meagan kae ~


** The copyright to these images lies with both the photographer and person/s photographed. If you wish to use any of these images please contact me. **