Meagan Kae is a "life" photographer with an incredible perception and talent for capturing the magic within people.
Her study of faces is a passion and an ongoing collection.

More recently however, is Meagan Kae's focus and dedication to her "Magic of Life Tour Portfolio", in which she has photographed and embodied the essence of friendship. She is very excited to present this body of work to the public.

After 10 years working in the Internet/Venture Capital Industry in San Francisco, Meagan has returned to both her native country, Australia and her Architectural background to focus on her photography. Meagan has an amazing fresh and creative vision, a sometimes overwhelming amount of passion and energy, an incredible business sense, and most important in the area of photography that I model most in, Meagan is a photographer that I can trust.

She is not afraid to try new things, and has a wonderful ability to know how long to persist with getting the right shot and knowing when it is not working to try something else. There is no doubt that Meagan uses this same approach to both her personal and business life.

Meagan Kae is to be highly recommended.

I trust that you will enjoy working with her as much as I do.


Cynthia Gralla


Photo by Brice Hardelin